We are more than a technology manager, we are an Office Technology Integrator

Day-to-day technology efficiency

We help offices streamline their technology by implementing and optimizing document management, billing solutions and electronic records into a comprehensive package that allows access to important data from wherever you are.




Maintaining software updates, worrying about your network being hacked, printer issues – you don’t have time for that. You have a business to run.


Leave that to us. Our helpdesk acts as an extension of your business. We provide the go to point of reference for all of your technology needs. We have developed an internal note taking system that will allow our techs to see everything from common problems to advanced breakdowns. This allows us to quickly get you up and running again thanks to eliminating any guesswork about your business.


We provide a quick escalation and priority contact help desk solution, so the big problems never end up at the back of the queue.




Ransomware, Malware, Data Corruption and most importantly Loss are the major risks of a technology-based office.


·      Ransomware The only way to properly guard against having all your data encrypted and a ransom in bitcoins placed on it is to have complete and timely backups. We provide you with backup solutions for your servers, desktops and even mobile devices. This ensures a ransomware attack is more of a nuisance than a threat.


·      Malware Everything from common viruses, to more sophisticated phishing software. We provide the latest antivirus technology, and training to keep the threats out of your systems.


·      Data Corruption When data is lost the work flow of a case can grind to a halt. We provide proper and secure backups, and have custom restore processes that are specific to your business, so a lost file doesn’t result in a lost day, or even week.


·      Loss Not just loss of data and time. Loss of reputation can be the worst result of IT systems failure. If your clients feel you don’t protect your data properly, you have a good chance of losing future accounts. We make sure your data loss doesn’t result in reputation loss.




Today most businesses not only need to be secure, they need to demonstrate their compliance to business partners, regulators and most importantly, their clients. Without strong cybersecurity an office opens itself up to liabilities resulting from data breaches. Businesses are being held to the same standards as their clients. This means your business needs a technology provider that understands not just the intricacies of corporate compliance, but all the different forms of compliance from HIPAA to PCI or NIST



Office Apps

Office apps provide the best solutions to keeping your data safe, organized and easy to review. Many office apps now even provide mobile experiences so you can access your data on the go from your favorite mobile device.


We help you find and manage the perfect suite of apps for your office. We work directly with the vendors to provide expert setup and continuous support of your office software.


If you already have an office app you are happy with, we will work directly with your vendor to learn your software inside and out, so you never have a question you have to find answers for by yourself.




Mobile Device Management

In a world where nearly everyone has a mobile smart device, many offices have adopted a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program or even a hybrid approach to integration.


Securing employee owned devices and supporting all the different types of smart devices creates a complex IT workflow. We set up and manage mobile device management in a comprehensive way so that when you have to let an employee go, they can’t take your information with them.





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