We make it easy for your company to get an estimate on how much your IT will cost per year. Our pricing is based on the number of employees that use the company computers. If your company choses our subscription IT package, we will service all of your related technology for no extra cost to you. Your printers, fax lines, computers, and phone lines will be included along with, remote support, virus removals, data recovery, and system clean ups. This is the cheapest way to have all the benefits of in house IT without the added cost. We have found that companies have always had a hard time putting together a budget for their IT for the year. The uncertainty and expenses of hourly IT has troubled businesses. With our new program, companies can have a better estimate on cost. Our prices yearly are already affordable and typically cheaper at the end of the year than traditional IT.

Other benefits we offer are for employees of companies who sign up for subscription IT. To give another benefit to employees we offer them a discount on home support while their company has a contract with us. For only fifty dollars a month, employees can have remote support on their home computers. If the Internet is working typically we can fix most problems without us coming to private homes, however we also offer a flat rate remote and on site support hourly. This is a great option to offer to employees and small businesses. It helps keep employees off computers for their private usage and businesses on track.

Hourly IT is always available for any company and comes with first class service. If you would like to go above and beyond we also have flat rates for data recovery, virus removal, and system cleanup. If it is time for an upgrade on equipment we are happy to help find the right fit for you. Our goal is for your company to run efficiently and effectively for peak performance.