Transitioning to BITS

Many office managers believe that changing IT providers is prohibitively time consuming and complicated.

This is Not the case!

BITS specializes in making your transition as streamlined as possible. Usually you simply need to have your Administrator passwords, and we will take it from there.

Transitions begin with an onsite visit.

  • Walk our technician around the office
  • Tell us about common trouble areas
  • Let us quickly map the network for our notes
  • Give us administrative logins for the transition to begin

Once the contract is signed

  • We quickly log in and change administrative logins to prevent other access
  • Once access is changed we inform you so you can cancel other IT contracts
  • Install our remote support software
  • We begin working on establishing new levels of security for your office

Process Complete!

When the transition is complete the entire office will have easy access to our services, and fast response times.

At BITS the process is fast and transparent. We don’t believe in hiding the workings of office technology from our clients.

An Informed Client is a Productive One